Sunday, 7 November 2010

Mmm burger bed

In fashion, home decor and accessories, I always wish I was attracted to sleek, minimalist things. A simple leather biker jacket, a long grey cashmere cardigan, a simple bed with clean lines that looks both modern and streamlined. Unfortunately I am not this person. I naturally gravitate towards loud prints, bright colours, stripes, polka dots, peter pan collars and things that most people would find nauseatingly cutesy. Empire waists, donut shaped change purse and patent black Mary Janes? Yes please! Mature clothing to suit my age? Oh no I couldn't possibly.

So when I saw this burger bed, my first thought wasn't "Oh how childish and juvenile!". I wanted to get inside this bed and make it my own. I want to rest my head on those lettuce leaf pillows and be warmed by the toasted sesame bun comforter. I am positive that I would get tired of having such a bed in my main bedroom area but maybe in the guest room? 

"Oh yes, put her things in the burger room please - I do hope someone had the decency to air out the padded cheese layer."

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