Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Balloons all up in here

I have always loved editorials involving balloons. But please no clowns!  Ellen Von Unwerth's "Pure Wonder" editorial in Vogue Italia, June 2007, styled by Victoria Adcock is one of my favourite fashion editorials of all time. Joyful.

Veggie hipsters

This teeshirt I spotted at Urban Outfitters makes me feel guilt for enjoying my breakfast. Is this how hipsters become vegetarians?

Hello Kitty Forever

Why do all Asians seem to flock to Hello Kitty? I have no idea. But I love her. I covet the Hello Kitty toaster that burns her little face onto every slice of toast. Does this mean I can only spread translucent condiments on my toast? A small sacrifice my friend.

Someone who shall remain unnamed (cough cough) has suggested we get matching Hello Kitty tattoos. I fear this is a joke designed to prey on my Asian love for the Kitty and I will get one and they will not as a practical joke. Then I will always be the girl with the HELLO KITTY TATTOO on her arm, forced to attend job interviews in the blazing heat of summer wearing long sleeve shirts. 

Irrational WANT

I never wear heels anymore. Somewhere between tramping all over London, being rained on constantly and the slippery slide of the underground floor (and threat of being trampled if one should take a spill), the lack of a car and an umbrella that doesn't flip inside out and try to attack me during rainstorms - I've taken to the comfort of flats with the gusto of an 80 year old woman. I have a varied collection of flat knee high boots, loafers, lace up oxfords and ballet flats. I've worn heels less than 10 times in the past year. Not even Fashion Week could convince me to traipse around in heels everyday.  And when I did wear them I bitched and complained about the pain until I took them off. Yes how very annoying. Which is why I have been harbouring desire for what I know to be a completely inappropriate pair of shoes. These Topshop Prima Sling Clogs. The heels are completely wooden and measure five inches. Last time I wore wooden heels like this I took a nasty spill in front of a Nando's chicken restaurant. Not elegant.


I love that someone out there has named their clothing line after their dog. I know that it's commonly accepted that dogs are like children to many people (being a staunch supporter of the cat lifestyle, I really can't comment) but in the world of fashion, where everyone seems just TOO cool, can anyone really see Alexander Wang saying "My SS10 line was inspired by my pet hamster?". I didn't think so. 

hansel is a womenswear clothing label designed and owned by Singaporean Jo Soh. On the hansel blog, she mentions proudly that the line was named after her "beloved Jack Russell Terrier". Bless. The line was brought to my attention by my husband, who used to work with fashion labels. His name is also Hansel (unlike Jo Soh's Jack Russel terrier, he chooses to capitalize his name, how archaic!) and the line was pointed out to him by a Singaporean colleague. 

Taking a closer look at the clothing, I noticed two things. I love the hansel blog! And the clothes are actually very cute and I could definitely see myself sporting something from the SS10 Paperdoll collection.


Triple bow boat neck dress

Bustier tie dress

And inspired by "old-fashioned paper dolls", this adorable Paperdoll knit dress. Very Wednesday Adams. 

Inside the paper dolly shop!

There is even a hansel pop up shop in Tokyo! It looks like this will be another clothing line that will only fuel my love for the Peter Pan collar and bows. Some people may debate that this is not a good thing for someone well out of their teens years. Sob. 

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

CALLA me pretty

I've always had a special love reserved for Paris. The first time I went there I had no money, stayed at a flea ridden hosel and could only afford street crepes and baguettes and cheese. Oh it was joyous (bed made me itchy though - eugh hostels). And no one does effortless style like French women. Londoners have amazing style but there is something so effortless about French style. 

CALLA is a line designed by Paris-based textile designer and former model Calla Haynes. She cut her teeth designing textiles for the likes of Alexander Wang (no he ain't my cousin) and Jeremy Laing. It's a kind of pretty and feminine vintage inspired construction that doesn't scream frou frou or overly twee. Luxe fabrics, beautiful construction and textile design. Very French OUI OUI. A shame I threw a tantrum and was withdrawn from French school as a child. 

Some of my favourite looks from the Fall 2010 Collection:

And from the Spring 2010 Collection:

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Jumpsuits: Stop looking at my camel toe please

There is something about a romper/playsuit/jumpsuit that I cannot resist. It makes going to the washroom take three times as long, it's difficult to find a flattering one (which never stops me) and put the wrong romper on and you look like an overgrown woman who's stuck in second grade. Add pigtails and your humiliation is complete. Even knowing all of this I still covet the following:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dashiki stripe jumpsuit
How delightful! How obnoxious is this print! I love it.
Stella McCartney Cashmere + Silk Blend jumpsuit
Oh how luxurious. I would wear this everywhere LITERALLY.

Elizabeth & James Suzette Silk-Jersey playsuit
This one reminds me of Bianca Jagger. Sigh.

A.P.C. Cotton and Linen jumpsuit
Too adorable. I challenge anyone to tell me this isn't both versatile and CUTE AS HELL.

Miss Selfridge Dotty Knot jumpsuit
A less expensive option but you still get the same effect. JUMPSUIT FRENZY

Miss Selfridge Hawaiian Jumpsuit
Some would call this a jumpsuit that causes epileptic fits. I call it Muffy's lunch buffet outfit.

Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Piped Sailor Romper
This is a ridiculous sailor outfit/romper. Who would sail the high seas in a onesie? I probably would. THIS IS PERFECT.

Topshop Parrot Print Playsuit
Hot date? I probably wouldn't recommend wearing this.

American Apparel chambray jumpsuit
I've tried this on twice and it doesn't look revolting on me. HONEST!

Portobello West Market

The next Portobello West Market is very near. I've been wanting to go to this every time I'm in Vancouver but something always came up (I'm lazy). It's inspired by European markets like Portobello Market in London (oh how I love this market, where else can I find such adorable vintage doorknobs?) and of course the famous Parisian flea market, Porte de Clignancourt (Les Puces). Vancouverites should definitely check it out - the next one is this month on June 27th. Vancouverites should take not that it's on every month from March to December and there better be snacks available! That being said, I've also been meaning to go to the real Portobello Market but sadly my love for vintage teaspoons doesn't always get me out of bed on a Saturday morning.

Portobello West fashion and art market 
Rocky Mountaineer Station
$2 admission (children 12 and under get in free cuz they ain't got no money to spend)


I used to obsess over makeup. To the point where I owned a professional train case filled to the brim with products. Friends would come over and marvel at my collection. It looked like the collection of a professional makeup artist. Does anyone ever need more than 50 different blushes? Does a cat have furry ears? HOW DARE THEY QUESTION ME. The day all of my lipglosses went bad and smelled more toxic than a Chinese food dumpster was a sad one. I often heard the question - how can one person apply so much lipgloss? The point was never to apply it all (I did realize I only had one set of lips and sadly only one face), the point was to collect and hoard like a crazy bag lady. One day I finally lost interest in the pursuit of acquiring more makeup and it all was given away. What a waste. I still have an archive of almost every single Stila limited edition palette in storage. Even the threat of an eye infection won't stop me from sometimes dabbling in my decade old eyeshadow palette. Oh the memories! Oh the bacterial infections! But a vintage smoky eye will be worth it.

The point of my ramblings is that I have had a cosmetic revelation. Last weekend I went to Nordstrom in downtown Seattle and had a makeup epiphany. My friend was looking for a red lipstick so we sat down at Giorgio Armani and met the most amazing makeup artist named Emily Oliver. She let us play with different lipsticks and applied blush and foundation on us. I don't know why I never discovered this brand before. They have different patents on their foundations and blush and I can see why. The Face Fabric Radiance Foundation blends so well it almost disappears as soon as it hits the skin. The  Blushing Fabric Blush looked natural no matter how much I applied. It's a really nice creamy gel texture - I purchased the #1 colour. It was the most perfect pinkish peach shade. And the Sheer Lipstick was a perfect berry pink (I bought Sheer 31) and was so smooth in texture I was tempted to spread it on my bagel. Mmmmm. I'm a convert. I got sample of everything and bought the lipstick and blush.Sometimes I want to just touch the foundation it's so nice and wear it in my sleep it's that good. I want more more more. Too bad it's so expensive in Canada. This country is such a buzzkill.

 GIORGIO ARMANI you blend like a dream!!! I miss my days of working on beauty stories at a magazine. We used to get loads of Armani makeup in and I never really realized how incredible it is. Not so incredible is  an orange Giorgio Armani in a speedo. Who knew this man could produce such perfect makeup.