Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Yes, blueberries make you fat

A quick nip into the local Tim Horton's donut shop and I saw this delectable thing in the window. It does look a bit gross. The sugar crystals assault my tooth enamel even from afar. But I must go back to sink my teeth into this ASAP. It's called the Blueberry Bloom and it's filled with blueberry filling (duh) and topped with blueberry sprinkles.Potentially foul but look how pretty......also it's limited edition so sharpen your teeth.

Madewell has arrived in Seattle

I had no idea there was a Madewell store that had recently opened in Seattle until my friend B told me she wanted to go. Apparently a sister store to J.Crew, I'm interested in seeing Alexa Chung's collection that she did for Madewell in person. Could a non-beanpole wear designs of Alexa Chung without straining the seams to bursting? A glance at the denim hotpants and noodle leg skinny jeans says no. But a quick perusal online unearths the following desirables:

Sketchbook tee dress, $58

Tennessee velvet dress, $168. This is SOLD OUT. Would have been perfect for the Wednesday Addams section of my closet. Sob sob.

Annie blouse, $128 - adorable tucked into a high waisted denim skirt or with black leggings and biker boots.

Lydia Coat, $295

Monday, 25 October 2010

Tabby Chic

Alana Zimmer for Vogue Spain. Notice the attractive tabby cat strolling in the photo.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Stylehopper is launching soon in Canada! Wheee!

Finally Canada gets a new private sale luxury e-boutique - Stylehopper! With brands like Frye boots, Joe Jeans, Paige Premium Denim, Earnest Sewn and Stella McCartney - finally we don't have to beg American websites to ship to us for an exorbitant fee. Hurrah! First sale due to land on November 1st, 2010 and signing up is FREE. Stay tuned for more info! I only wish we had this when I was a crazed shopaholic in my early twenties. The moderation and restraint of my fading youth is so boring. 

A cat head shaped hole in my wardrobe

I was innocently compiling an edit of best scarves for a teen fashion website when I stumbled upon this furry cat hat on ModCloth.com. For anyone not familiar with this website, it's a very cute shopping site that stocks clothing, accessories and homeware for the "vintage hipster". It's where to go if you're searching for a poufy circle skirt and also black rimmed eyeglasses and a slightly obnoxious sofa cushion shaped like a cupcake. You know what I mean. For $68.99 this glorious "Cat in the Hood" hat can be all mine. Unfortunately it's OUT OF STOCK. That's right. Enough people own this hat to make it completely sell out on the website. I don't do this often on the blog but LOL. 

The description claims that "if you want to have fun and look good, all you have to do is put on this haute hood". If that doesn't reel you in then maybe the zebra-satin lining will? Nevertheless I have put my name down to be notified when it comes back into stock. I really am not sure where I would wear this but if winter this year is going to be as cold as reported by the local news channel, I will have no choice but to put this cat hat on for survival purposes. Yes. I have no choice.