Monday, 8 June 2009

Marni lust: could I?

On second thought I don't think I could. I value my ankles too much. 

Rein them in

Ever since I went to an ASOS press lunch back in 2007 and they announced to us that they sell something like 85 000 dresses day, I have had this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I see or hear them get mentioned in the press. ASOS NEED TO BE REINED IN. They seem to be collecting designer brands like a fat kid collects Mars bars. Despite their amazing success, something about their website just turns me off. Maybe it's the poorly-styled models posing like a bunch of extras in a soft-core porno, maybe it's the fine print that whispers "get harem pants in the style of Lady Gaga". Or maybe it's just ridiculous stuff like this shoe being described as "sporty platform sandals". How are 5 inch high stripper platform heels deemed to be sporty?

When ASOS starts peddling Balmain on their website - that will be the day I shed a tear because clearly NO ONE HAD SUCCESSFULLY REINED THEM IN.

3 Playsuits still equals B L E A K

The three playsuits I have bought over the past weekend have failed to bring me any joy. For some reason this Monday has been even bleaker than usual.

Playsuit count: 3

(1) Topshop navy strapless floral print
(2) Topshop white rose print
(3) Uniqlo / Shipley & Hamos collaboration pale grey silk with zipper

I still believe that material goods and cold hard cash buys happiness. Mwahahaha.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Retro Meltdown

Decided to actually rise before noon today and do something productive. Inspired idea. Headed to the North London Vintage Fashion Fair in Primrose Hill with a friend in tow. As we walked up to the fair, I suddenly felt like Haley Joel Osmont from the Sixth Sense. Am I Bruce Willis? Do I see dead people??? No it was just 2 women who had taken the retro/vintage much to far. What a relief.

Things didn't get much better when we went inside and followed the scent of mothballs and the musk of aged fabrics. I want to make note that I LOVE vintage clothing but the clothing on display here belonged in a nursing home, not on anyone below the age of 88. Hmm. I thought perhaps I could make a Victorian collar floor length green gown work but then I saw my reflection and actually recoiled.

Went to a few charity shops on the way home and managed to get an adorable floral skirt for £8 at Traid Camden. Unfortunately my hair still smells like mothballs. Eugh.